Some of my creations

AMASE is a methodology for creating Products, Services, and Startups in the most rapid and efficient way.

Criticsbook is the next-generation social media app for Book Readers. You can review your books using text, video, and audio (podcast). Furthermore, you can also import you existing content.

Participate to the Beta!

Le PLIB is a French literary prize for the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres.

This is a yearly non-profit event to support the book community in these genres, for professionals and amateurs.

The Jury gathers ~180 Book Influencers

CTO of a team of 10 members.

In 2060

A fictional web series depicting the future of technologies.

Semantic ID Generator is a JavaScript library to generate semantically structured identifiers.


NPM package:

Lightsphere is a mobile application for creating Data Maps or Information Maps.

It uses graph networks and it also enables interactions with a Neo4J database

BooktubersApp is a service for Book readers and professionals. It gathers in a single location the content and profiles of Book Influencers



Booktubers App, but on the Apple TV!

This is a Chatbot talking about major regulations: PSD2, GPDR, MIFID, etc.

(The website does not work anymore as Google Action is Deprecated)

VMESS is a disruptive augmented reality communication platform that aims at “augmenting the world”

Currently under development

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