Actually, a way of shipping effectively and consistently successful product features

The triangle “Time – Budget – Scope” is ruled by the simple idea that you can (and should) only commit to two of these dimensions when you plan your project or epic.

For example, if you have a limited budget and fixed scope, there is no go guarantee on delivery date.

Similarly, if you are building the next killer SaaS solution, and you have already announced the release date, be prepared to invest (much) more cash than initially planned.

But what if there were a way to get the three dimensions right?

To answer this question, I propose the “Predictive Product Delivery”. This is a repeatable practice providing a good level of certainty against the Project Management Triangle. The “predictability” mainly comes from:

  • Capturing clearly the requirements
  • Align early on the way of working, the pace of execution, the sequence of activities, the deliverables, and the resources for running the project/program/epic.
  • Having a good knowledge of system architecture and each building blocks architecture, their construction and integration activities
  • Perform the necessary amount of design (product, user interfaces, services, infrastructure, cash flows, etc.)
  • Run the assembly scenario, which is to be materialized in a construction roadmap that makes sense. It has to be in adequation with your development capacity (i.e availability of skilled people + relevant expertise/experience).
  • Short (1 to 4 days) development/test/release/test cycles. The idea is to make it run as soon as the feature is ready, i.e. continuously coherent and complete with respect to expectations.

Download the following material.

See for more information about the AMASE methodology.

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