Artificial Intelligence Reinforcement Learning

This is how Open-ended Learning gives A.I. these brilliant moves

To see A.I. agents playing “cat-and-mouse”, “king of the hill” games, then taking their own decisions, is so much fun to watch!

Reinforcement learning is just amazing.

Open-ending Learning demonstration

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Getting Started with Master Data Management (MDM)

Image by Gerd Altmann

The MDM journey should definitely start with an analysis and the identification of the short-term goals you want to achieve. In fact, MDM will be a service for the whole company.

MDM is for:

  • A mall for your most valuable data
  • Contains end-to-end footprints of your business activities
  • An aggregation of rigorously organized data
  • Its scope starts with your core business information
  • Offers data-driven views of your processes that span over multiple lines of business.

You should start your MDM journey by:

  1. Analyze in detail the pros and cons of putting in place MDM. MDM is more about governance as distributed discipline than technology.
  2. Create a core project team that will analyze and defend the establishment of MDM in your company.
  3. Launch an awareness campaign. Then, educate people about the advantages and responsibilities when the business is operated with MDM
  4. Identify which data will be part of the MDM Strategy
  5. Define an Enterprise Data Model (EDM). This is a common catalog so that everybody in the company understands the business terms. Thus, it is also a means for calibrating internal communication. Ultimately, your MDM system is the digital implementation of your EDM
  6. Identify and standardize your Reference Data
  7. Design your Information System Architecture as to which data flows and systems will take part in it.
  8. Choose an MDM system technology. This application will be the core of the MDM execution and operations. Take into account the available skills on the market.
  9. Define your Data Quality Indicators because data quality management is paramount.
  10. Establish the MDM governance processes and roles (data owners and stewardship)
  11. Design your firsts reports and dashboards, then collect feedback about their value. As a result of this, increase the data scope by iteration.
  12. Communicate a LOT the benefits of MDM, to finally advertise the benefits. For instance, those would come from the golden data source, improved data quality, richer dashboards, unlocked analytics insights, etc.

Also, MDM is not a one-time exercise, it is a continuous practice. So make sure there is an organization owning the MDM system and the MDM governance!


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Windows 11 is coming

Interview of Satya Nadella by the Wall Street Journal

The new Windows 11 looks not only stunningly beautiful, but it will also run Android apps and get them from the Microsoft app store (via Amazon app store).

Here are some info:

  • Free upgrade from #Windows 10. The rollout will start from this fall
  • Microsoft Teams will be naturally embedded in the OS like Skype used to be
  • New app store design
  • New user experience combining seamlessly your environment and cloud services
  • New windows layout experience
  • The positions of your apps organized in a multiple-screen environment will now persist

What is interesting in Microsoft’s business strategy is that they’re pushing the “openness” mindset even more.
The company appears to be closer to the Linux spirit than ever.

Did you know about Microsoft’s recent major moves?

  • Microsoft bought Github, the number 1 open source development and CI/CD platform
  • It bought NPM, which is the largest software/javascript registry and package manager of the Internet
  • Its principal social network became LinkedIn
  • It released Visual Studio Code, certainly the best IDE for DevOps engineers. It is open source.
  • It acquired Zenimax Media, which includes Bethesda a gaming giant, maker of AAA games like Elder Scroll or Fallout, to enforce its position in Xbox cloud gaming
  • The company is enabling the Xbox Game Pass (cloud gaming platform) to run on almost any platform, even on your Android mobile
  • Microsoft is the first mover in enterprise Augmented Reality with Hololens
  • You can install and run Linux Ubuntu, Debian, etc on Windows. Download these operating systems from the App Store and run them like any apps, thanks to Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Azure Cloud and MS 365 (formerly Office) are both best sellers and cash machines.

So mister Satya Nadella, what’s next?

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