Words of Wisdom

Photo by Raphael Schaller

For Your Life

Learn to Know Yourself

Spend the time alone, avoiding anything that can disturb you, could it be noise, mobile device…

Words Change the World

You can change people just by expressing yourself. Choose your words with care w

Learn to learn

When you acquire this skill, your personal development becomes exponential

There is only one constant: Change

Nature is always right

We spend our time in research time trying to understand and elaborate formulas about what nature has already created eons ago.

How we compose and reshape these formulas into something meaningful and gratifying for others expresses our ingeniosity

Build the better you, always

You will want to enter the state of perpetual motion, then stay in motion

Success has a unique meaning: yours

Meet the short-term goals, professional goals, personal goals, and life goals that you defined yourself to make you feel accomplished.

Only you can feel the satisfaction

Simple is Natural

Nature is a very complex system of systems yet relies upon very simple unitary mechanisms

If your solution or practice is simple and feels natural, there are 99% chances it is the most appropriate one.

Master the Systems

Our civilization, our nations, our companies, and our family are built and organized upon a

Observe, understand, then master the systems to be in a position to change them for the better, then create yours.

Frustration is Fuel

Your frustration is a message from your inner self telling you something important, about yourself, the situation, expectations, and results.

Consider frustration as a fuel for change, a combustible that needs to burn to give you the energy to do something different, or differently. is

Twice Bend Trust

In human relationships, two consecutive mistakes in a relatively short period of time shackle trust. And if you repeat it multiple times, you will be categorized. This is how most brains work.

Changing category takes a lot of (trust) energy and proof.

A Strong Mind in a Strong Body

To be not only complete, but autonomous, resilient, reliable, and resourceful, …

Assume nothing

Keep the researcher’s mind. Assume nothing at first, especially if you are knowledgeable.

Gather knowledge, ask questions, think, design, plan, then act.

This way of thinking will give you assurance and peace of mind.

They only see a piece of you

People only see and think of you what you show to them, period. So if you think you …

Knowledge is freedom

Knowledge is Freedom

Motivation adds Power

And with Willpower

Grow a Kingdom

Be ahead

To be ahead, start even before the race is announced

And if you haven’t started once it is announced, start now for the next one.

Awareness leads to wisdom

Awareness leads to wisdom with practice and curiosity, which finally brings new awareness

What you ask and the way you ask is what you get

Be clear about what you ask, and be sure about what people understood of your request. Otherwise, you will get something else and may reach the zone of disappointment.

Ignorance will be either filled with knowledge or nonsense

If you have yet gained the intelligence to understand something, ignorance will create all sorts of things in your head, including bias, misleading ideas, imaginary facts, and beliefs.

Choose your path or the path will be chosen for you.

Narrow the ignorance and meet the truth using neutral observation, data collection, challenged analysis, impartial deduction, and conceded confirmation

Build Mental Muscles

Be 10x faster, more performant, and more precise if you have built the “mental muscles”, i.e. empowering effective habits that become reflexes…

Invest strategically in your time portfolio

Your time, your most valuable asset, can be managed like an investment portfolio, with an investment strategy in mind..,

For Your Craft

Do yourself what you can do 10x faster than others

The team’s speed is exponential when experts concentrate on their area of expertise

Do Business with Assistance, Attendance, Attention, Attitude

Give People the best Product and Services according to their needs following the 4As with recipes and manuals to give them full autonomy


Remember the Future

Once you have established a Vision, for yourself, your product, your company, your nation, it becomes solid, tangible, real. And it is from this palpable reality, sitting in the future, that attaching so many details will give you an edge, as you can articulate this future precisely. Your job, as a visionary leader, is to build the bridge, with your people, to get there.

Indeed, you are confident, and people will follow your lead because you have already “been there”, because you “remember the future”.

Build it as you would sell it

Construct “consumer-ready” products & solutions using a combination of vision, design, skills, and method

Presentation is 50% of your communication

The most important is the impression you will make, could it be a visual presentation, about the thing you write, shoot, draw, or craft.

Meet with achievements

Should you or your team members have to achieve an activity or produce a deliverable, set a meeting to review the achievement together.

This habit works backward:
a) if you can meet to review an achievement it means it has been completed by the settled date.
b) Then, if it was completed then it means the achiever had a plan of action to realize the achievement.
c) Finally, if there was a plan, it means there were an agreed set of objectives that have been analyzed to reach an agreement.


For your people

And is Greater than Or – ^ > v

“And” has greater power than “Or”. Don’t divide, multiply

Proximity improves productivity

Have people work together either from a location point of view or from a virtual communication point of view.

Timely communication moments drastically improve human bonds, the quantity/quality of the production, and the culture of your organization.

Carry the world if you can handle it

If you can visualize and handle your own destiny, do it

Give, expect none

We all have something to give or to share. And if you want something good to happen in your world, just give an invaluable piece of you (experience, wisdom, help, work).

Remember: the law of equivalence works for you.

. Sif

Walk the talk, then tell the walk

When you say you are going to do something to someone. First, commit to doing it.
Then do it.