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Life is about change. I value each experience and encounter. I am devoting my life to knowledge, craft, and empowering people that want to do better for themselves and their surroundings.

My expertise lies in Information Technology, Architecture, and Business Strategy. I am most particularly interested in innovative organizations, like Startups, and disrupting models.

I will challenge the status quo. Nothing is carved in stone except if we want to. Because change shapes Life.


Navigating the Future with Generative AI: Part 1, Digital Augmentation Yannick The Chief

In this series of articles, I explore the fascinating realm of Generative AI, as models of concentrated intelligence, and their profound impact on our society. The first episode introduces the transition from Digital Transformation to Digital Augmentation, but also the consequences for individuals and businesses. This episode is also available as a blog post: https://yannickhuchard.com/navigating-the-future-with-generative-ai-part-1-digital-augmentation/ — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/yannick-huchard/message
  1. Navigating the Future with Generative AI: Part 1, Digital Augmentation
  2. Cloud Computing in 2060
  3. Banking in 2060
  4. What roles exist in IT for software developers to pursue after they are tired of coding?
  5. Relax Publication Style: how to write your ideas in a fun, and efficient way
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A.I. will change the concepts of “work”. The Age of Augmentation is already happening.
It’s fun helping people on Quora!


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