The 10 Stages of Sages: a path to self excellence

In the pursuit of excellence, one goes through 10 stages of evolution by gathering in oneself the following building blocks:

  • Knowledge
  • Perspective
  • Interconnectivity with multiple other domains
  • Patterns definition
  • Artistic expression
  • Creativity
  • Practice
  • Techniques mastery
  • Methodology
  • Frame of work
  • Frame of thoughts
  • Liaise with history
  • Teaching to impact the present
  • Document for the legacy
  • Going through error
  • Explaining successes and failures
  • Being challenged by others
  • Learning from and exchanging with experts
  • Field expansion through research and development
  • Ethic
  • Awareness of actions and decisions

Stages of individual growth

  1. The ignorant
  2. The beginner
  3. The capable
  4. The autonomous
  5. The senior
  6. The expert
  7. The master
  8. The researcher
  9. The artist
  10. The sage

Guiding Principles

We care

We learn

We practice

We share

We listen

We understand

We are factual

We reject harms

We research paradigms

We dream


This is how we thrive as a civilization.

Each of us contributes today to doing better than the previous generation.

Parents and mentors do what is necessary for investing in the people they are responsible for.

We strategize for abundance and build systems of adaptation to the unexpected

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