Hello! I am Yannick Huchard
I work as Head of Architecture & IT 4 IT, Startup Advisor and Entrepreneur
I have passion for strategic innovations, technology and eSport

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Special Skills

Technology & Architecture Advisory

Do you wonder how to leverage technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Event Streams, Blockchain/DLT, IoT, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Chat Bots, or Computer Vision, in your company?

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Startup Advisory

This is it! You have the greatest idea of all time and you are motivated to turn it into a Startup. And then you ask yourself: What does it take exactly? How do I build it? How much money can I make? Where should I start? Should I find a co-founder?
I created AMASE methoology to answer those questions 
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I started my entrepreneur journey with my IT consulting company, then I expanded my strategy toward apps and digital services starting with Booktubers App (youtube video and books, Vmess (Augmented Reality platform). Having participated to several startup construction projects, startup pitching contest, interacted with several incubators led me to sharpen my expertise and increase my experience.

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